Friday, October 14, 2011

Fine tuning your webcam performances

The more email feedback I receive in regards to this blog and the website, the more I've come to realize that many adult industry outsiders and insiders alike, initially are under the impression that a "hot body and pretty face" is all that is needed to become successful in the world of adult entertainment.

I'll admit, that initially I thought the same, but after only a few days of exotic dancing back in 2002, I found out very quickly, that it's your mind above all else, that is a performer's greatest (and ironically most attractive) asset.

Whether you're an exotic dancer, webcam girl, or adult actress - fine tuning and consistently IMPROVING your performance and/or style is a must. Generally the only way to do this, is by asking your clients/audience/who you work with what they think could be better (of course be careful who you take advice from) AND by watching your performances yourself.

If you're an exotic dancer, have someone video tape you while you're dancing in the club or just set up a video camera at home and tape yourself. Critically watch how you move and see if there's anything that you could add or subtract from your style.

If you're an adult actress, watch your movies and scenes. YES, I know watching yourself can be VERY hard to do. Most people who work in performance based industries tend to be a bit insecure and are overly self critical by nature (I know I am), but if you can get over your initial fears of self doubt and watch yourself as if you're watching someone else (really analyzing elements that can be improved on) you'll find that you will become much more natural, relaxed, and self aware in front of the camera.

Exotic dancers, adult actresses, and virtually anyone else in adult entertainment, should also keep up with and be aware of the performance styles of their peers. Not to "copycat" but to simply learn what works (and doesn't work) for who.

Generally the most successful entertainers are those who have seriously fine tuned, their craft and KNOW their craft most thoroughly. It takes a mind to achieve that, not just a hot body or pretty face :)

Monica Foster interview with Velvet Rose

Interview with Velvet Rose of

(In depth article on Velvet Rose coming soon)

Monica Foster interviews retired pornstar and current independent webcam model and online personality Velvet Rose of

Velvet Rose shares her history and experiences (both in America and Internationally) with the various branches of the adult entertainment industry (escorting, glamour modeling, hardcore porn, phone sex operation and webcam modeling).

Velvet Rose explains why she will strive to work independently in the world of adult entertainment from this point on, why being a contract girl for Heatwave Video wasn't right for her, and shares advice with other women considering a career in the adult entertainment industry.

Avoiding "middle-men" when starting as a webcam model.

Being that I often state on my video broadcasts of that webcamming is a good entry point to the world of adult entertainment (or an alternative to working in the hardcore porn circuit), I feel the need to address the following trend:

As of current there are many individuals within (or on the outskirts of) the adult entertainment world who consider themselves "webcam agents" or "webcam studio managers" who regularly scout for new webcam models for the various online webcam networks.

Now you, as a new (or current) webcam model, in reality do not (in my opinion) need to deal with such individuals because from my perspective all their function is, is to fill out the webcam network's paperwork for you and set you up on the system they are recruiting on behalf of - which is something you can easily do from the comfort of your own home yourself.

Signing up on the many long time established webcam networks is not a difficult task. Simply visit a site like or - find the "become a model" or "sign up as a model" link (usually towards the bottom of their many page) and follow the simple process instructions of signing up.

Typically webcam agents and webcam studios take a substantial amount of your earnings (5% to 25%) which I'm sure you'd like to pocket yourself - especially in these hard economic times.

In some instances, when new webcam models sign up on a webcam network via a webcam agent, and then later opt to work on their own, the webcam agent may retain the rights to the initial program created for the model. When this occurs, the model loses her clients and fanbase she's spent time building up while working for the agent - and essentially has to start all over again via a different webcam screen name (sometimes on an entirely different network). Yes, some of her initial fanbase may seek her out again, but others may not (which results in the model losing a substantial amount of potential earnings).

Below is a broadcast of of which I explain about this issue.

Monica At Home - Part 1

Monica At Home - Part 2

Monica At Home - Part 3

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‘Porn’ in the USA - Lisa Ling investigates webcam models on OWN series "Our America"

story courtesy of New York Post's Linda Stasi

Lisa Ling not only has the best job in America, she does it better than anyone out there right now.

Ling’s job is to investigate the things that fascinate her as a journalist and, as it turns out, fascinate us as viewers. Some are topics I didn’t even realize I was interested in to begin with.

That being said, I can’t imagine how she’s going to top Sunday-night’s season premiere episode, “Amateur Porn.”

With the explosion of Internet porn, the industry that was once behind closed doors is now available in your home 24/7 from any of -- are you ready? -- 24 million Web sites!

Everyday people from legal and medical professionals to (yes) horny housewives are making homemade porn and sometimes making big bucks from it.
Ling found three such -- again, I swear -- married couples who do the nasty in front of their home Webcams for fun and profit.
These folks make even bigger bucks with what they call “privates” -- paid-for sex acts which a client can direct from his or her own home. Privates for their privates!

One couple, cute 20-somethings Tyler and Berkley have a 20-month-old daughter and nightly perform every imaginable sex act for their long-distant clients. They say they’ll deal with telling her when she’s old enough to understand. Or not.
Obese 25-year-old Julie and her husband, Richard, have four young boys and have just quit the having-sex-for-bucks porn biz because it was, among other things, ruining their sex life. OK.

The most amazing and repulsive porn purveyor, however, is 50-year-old grandmother Sierra, a country club wife and her skeevy husband, Patrick. Realtors by day, porn performer and director by night. “Being on porn is like winning ‘American Idol,’ ” Sierra says.

She’s kept it hidden from her successful daughter, who is told off-camera by her mother about her nighttime job. The daughter, we’re told, went bonkers, crying, “You are going to ruin everything I’ve worked for if [anyone we know] ever finds out!”

So, ever-understanding mom, Sierra, on national TV, recruits a woman her daughter’s age for lady-on-girl sex for her next live Webcam.